Sail Viking!

Come and see our authentic, hand-crafted 38-foot Viking ship, POLARIS at the Salem Maritime Festival this weekend! August 3rd/4th 10am-4pm at Salem National Historic Site, Derby St. Salem

Check our calendar for half day and two hour sessions from Gloucester and Salem. We also run "learn to Sail Viking" workshops. Book your own private workshop! Other private charters available. 

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Adventure Learning aboard Polaris, where no-one is just a passenger! Everyone has something to do! We are the intersection of history, craft, art and fun!

Learn about a typical sailing and rowing trips...
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Team building is perfect aboard our Viking Ship. It's a team sport: rowing, sailing and navigating. Half or full day adventures!

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A private charter for up to 6 people, perfect for a wedding weekend activity or for a special birthday. A unique way to experience Cape Ann!

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“ I have been telling everyone I know what a great time we had and that I plan on returning for another adventure! ”


“ Experiencing the sleek shape of the hull cut through the waves was so refreshing…  ”

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