Team Building at Sea

Provide your visiting clients a memorable experience! Explore Boston’s North Shore in a way like no other, or nurture effective interdependencies among a small group of your most important leaders in a special setting. Take to sea to help your organization adopt the frame of mind to meet its next business challenge. A fun way to to turn action into self-knowledge! Aboard, the emphasis is on developing cooperation and coordination with participants learning to sail and row a Viking ship. Norsvald challenges people to step up in their role and discover their individuality and their place within a team. We offer half, full and custom programs. A customized program over multiple days allows time to accomodate larger groups, intentional programming, business meetings etc. (arranged with third party). Discussion, feedback, personal reflection and goal planning included in addition to time afloat.

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Trip Is Ideal For:

Immersive experience offers real-world benefits that translate from the sea to the office. An unusual physical and social environment helps those seeking insights into their leadership effectiveness. We focus on how people communicate differently and develop skills to know each other better to be more effective.


Available for booking June 1st though October 15th


We operate from Gloucester and Salem. Every experience is a little bit different, as it’s the people you share with that really make the most of time aboard, along with the weather and the sea conditions at the time. This is a fun and authentic alternative to contrived "Corporate Team Building" events and aboard Polaris we find the things that matter. There is no job done by an individual that can work without the team behind it so we structure the day to maximize opportunities to align the motives of individuals to achieve a common purpose! Inspired by history, sailing and rowing Polaris to achieve goals strengthens relationships and holds the team accountable for their work together.

Booking a trip

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